What Is the Adams Press Bookblog?

Welcome to the Adams Press blog. Here you’ll find information and opinion about such topics as

  • publishing–both self-publishing and royalty or fee-based “traditional” publishing;
  • writing–both creative techniques and the business of writing;
  • reading and the freedom to read;
  • publishing industry insights;
  • other general information about books, language, and how people learn and grow through reading books.

We want you to get to know us and to understand our take on how books are created, sold, and read. Even though Adams Press is in the business of producing books for persons and organizations who choose to self-publish, we certainly don’t limit ourselves just to that part of the book world. There’s so much more that we find interesting and helpful about books–how they’re put together and how they’re used–that we don’t want to confine our observations just to that area.

We make an effort not to be pedantic, insulting, presumptuous, smug, patronizing, or any other adjective indicating offensiveness. But who knows? We’ll say what we think, and somebody’s bound to take issue with some of that. So be it.

Just so you can keep us straight (and so that we aren’t speaking for each other), we sign our entries JK, AK, or TK. We’re a family, but that certainly doesn’t mean we always agree on everything.

We’re also working writers and editors. Although Adams Press is our primary business, we write for other book, periodical, and Web publishers as well.

From time to time we’ll ask for feedback about a particular article. We’d like to have a totally open give-and-take forum, but the reality is that we’d get nothing else done. We hope you understand.

Welcome aboard. Please come back often.

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