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Adams Press has produced hundreds of books over more than 70 years. These are just a few recent examples of books we carried from concept to press for our authors.


The Science of Change

The Science of Change: Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails
Tom Somodi
copyright © 2013
The Change Science Institute

Tom Somodi describes how to take control of the change you experience in your business and daily life. Reduce the frustration and anxiety associated with change and improve your ability to obtain the change you desire. Learn why a proven change methodology fails and how to select change methods that have the greatest potential for success relative to your specific set of conditions. The Science of Change provides the concepts necessary to accomplish these objectives and more.

Trapped on the Wheel

Trapped on the Wheel
John Glavin
copyright © 2009
Dickinson Publishing House

Alessandra is willing to risk everything to ride the largest bicycle wheel in the world—the original Ferris Wheel.

Lured by the temptations of the World's Fair, she rebels against her Victorian father, whose life-long vision is for her to become his Lady of the Manor. However, Alessandra vows to resist. After her 18th birthday ball, she begins her painful odyssey to escape the trap awaiting most women—a dominating parent, an arranged marriage, and society's false promises.

Although set over a century ago, Trapped on the Wheel depicts similar battles Chicago faces today: scandal, financial depression, and racism challenged by the people's belief in change and hope for a better life.

The Quest for Excellence

The Quest for Excellence: Exceptional Performance Using Real Process Thinking
Peter Martens
copyright © 2011
FPA Publishing

No more surprises! Every business has them and they impact cost, quality and customer satisfaction. The Quest for Excellence: Exceptional Performance Using Real Process Thinking takes you step by step to help you analyze and understand your business. Built around 'Excellence Segments,' the book gives you the ability to measure your whole business and understand why there are failures that can send the biggest companies into a tailspin.

Each segment in the model specifically provides the right data at the right time to make informed management decisions. Informed decisions means you aren't left wondering "what happened?" This proven method lets you manage proactive choices versus calling together another issue management team.

The Quest for Excellence

Cannabinomics: The Marijuana* Policy Tipping Point
Christopher Glenn Fitchner, M.D.
copyright © 2010
Well Mind Books

From medical renaissance to revolution, from drug war prohibition to public health, from economic reefer madness to recovery—trajectories in public policy are converging toward regulation and economic integration of the herbal cannabis trade. "Americans are by and large ready for this change now but haven't had the vocabulary to articulate it," writes Cannabinomics author Christopher Glenn Fichtner, M.D., a psychiatrist and former state mental health director.

Cannabinomics is not a medical handbook, a drug war treatise, or an economic model but rather a work of patient and public policy advocacy. It looks at real-world medical cases, recent trends in successful policy reform, drug war costs, and the potential economic benefits of cannabis change. Cannabinomics calls for a stakeholder-inclusive regulatory process to help America take ownership of this homegrown commodity and facilitate system learning that could help solve larger global drug war problems.

* Marijuana is an "Americanism" for the dried flowers and leaves of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant

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